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Lone Birch Bulk Buckets

If DIY flowers are your thing, Lone Birch Blossoms bulk flower buckets are it!

Available June through September, bulk buckets include all locally-grown flowers and foliage.

LBB Bulk Buckets are perfect for DIY flower arrangements!

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These wholesale fresh flowers grown right here in Hardwick (Central Massachusetts) are excellent for all types of parties and events, including weddings, bridal or baby showers, backyard barbecues, parties, and special events.

Have a local business that could use a little local flair?
Try a weekly bulk bucket buy and create simple one- or two-stem vases.

Have a touch of the florist in you?
Grab a bucket and create an arrangement for every room!

Want to make a statement to welcome guests to you summer gathering?
Get a bulk bucket or two and create a lovely large flower urn to lead the way.

Wedding on a budget and a florally-inclined friend?
Order your bulk buckets ahead at near wholesale price and create elegant, unique, bouquets, centerpieces, and statement arrangements at a savings.

Local bulk flower buckets offer endless possibilities for those with the time and talent for some DIY flower arranging. Understand that these buckets will require more of your own time and artistic ability but know that this is also a great way to show off your own vision and talent, and have some flowery fun along the way!


Beautiful unique flowers and arrangements!
~ Sarah W.
Emily did the bouquets for my wedding, flowers on my cake, guest table flowers, a gorgeous eucalyptus spread on the head table and boutonnières and they were absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! Highly recommend!
~ Emily P.
I received a beautiful arrangement for my birthday. Great work Emily! It’s so important to support local business."
~ Sue R.
Incredible and beautiful work done by an even more incredible and beautiful woman. Support local! She did my wedding flowers from the cake to the decor to my bouquet and I recommend her 100% and will continue to do business and send business.
~ Dev D.
I attended a fall centerpiece workshop with Emily and it was absolutely great! Such a fun evening, SO REASONABLY PRICED, and the best part was a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy at home! (Which lasted weeks, by the way!)
~ Mary W.
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About Bulk Buckets: The Flowers

local fresh bulk flowers, buy bulk buckets


Every wholesale bucket of fresh flowers will include:

  • A selection of a few special focal flowers
  • Filler flowers
  • Greenery and foliage to complete and add interest to your arrangements
  • Approximately 40 to 50 stems in each bucket. This will, on average, create between four and six, one-quart jar arrangements (depending on how full and how large you make them; simpler arrangements will net many more).

Flower selections and varieties will be dependent upon the growing season and current availability. All buckets will be completely comprised of fresh-cut flowers grown locally here on the flower farm in Hardwick.

For basic bulk buckets, all fresh flower selections will be chosen by your Lone Birch Farmer Florist (please see below for requests and customization options).

Bulk bucket prices start at $65 per bucket for a basic bucket.


buy bulk flowers, DIY flowers

All buckets will include a unique mixed color variety of complimentary fresh flowers. However, if you do have a particular preference or color scheme in mind, we will do our best to work with you and fulfill your request, dependent upon the stock of available fresh flowers.

Premium Focal Flower Options

All bulk flower buckets will include a few premium local stems in each bucket.  If you would like extra premium flowers or have special requests (subject to availability), I am typically able to fulfill those needs at an additional cost.

For example, if you would like extra dahlias, sunflowers, lisianthus, or snapdragons, these are available at an additional charge and will be added in bundles of five to ten stems and charged accordingly.

  • Additions or special requests will increase the price of the bucket. Pricing will be discussed at the time of order, and you will know the cost of your bulk bucket prior to pick up.
  • Additions and special requests are subject to availability. Please confirm availability with me when you order. Please feel free to call, email, or use the website Contact Form for requests and confirmations.


Bulk-Buy Flower Buckets

Perfect for:


Backyard Parties

Baby Showers

Bridal Showers


Anniversary & Retirement Parties

DIY Flower Arranging


Order Local Bulk Wholesale Flowers at the Online Flower Shop!

~ Basic bulk flower buckets with no changes or additions may be ordered through the online Flower Shop Basic Bulk Bucket option.

~ Bulk Buckets with special requests or premium additions should be ordered through the appropriate Flower Shop item. Select Premium Bulk Bucket Deposit. When you place your online order, you will be charged the Bulk Bucket base price of $65 as a deposit. I will then contact you to discuss your request and availability and quote your additional add-on price, which will be due at the time of pickup at the flower farm in Hardwick.

~ If you have a request for a certain color theme, please add a note or contact me after you have placed your order. Reasonable requests will be honored if discussed at time of order and are subject to availability at the time your order is picked and fulfilled.



Thank You!

For your interest in my local wholesale fresh flower option. I look forward to filling your flowery needs!

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