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At Lone Birch Blossoms, I LOVE to work cooperatively with other local businesses! My business was, after all, the child of such a partnership with Clover Hill Farm!

I am committed to the local movement, from food to flowers, to dining, and beyond. I have been very fortunate to forge great partnerships over these last few years, and continue to look to more team-building in the future. Together, we can all make our local area a place to live, grow, and thrive while creating a healthy and vibrant local economy and doing the important work of maintaining open spaces, clean air, and a strong main street to support it all.

On this page you will find a list of local businesses that I either work with in partnership to bring you products and packaged services, or that I use myself in the function of my own floral business, and offer as a recommendation in support of each other.

Please use this page to find Lone Birch Blossoms around our towns and to learn more about the collaborative projects you might enjoy participating in. Please also use it as a place to find additional local services that you might need.

Local Business Partners, Cakes by Amanda

Recommended Central MA Businesses & Lone Birch Partners 

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Cakes By Amanda
Located on Exchange Street in the Center of Barre, MA, Amanda creates stunning wedding cakes and maintains a shop full of baked goods, too--including gluten-free specialties! Amanda and I team up several times throughout the year to offer pre-order holiday floral arrangements through her shop. We're planning a cooperative cupcake and flower CSA for 2020, so stay tuned for more information!

Mimi's Coffeehouse of Hardwick
Mimi's is *the* spot for a great cup, breakfast, or lunch, and on Thursday evenings, dinner featuring local hamburgers and a fresh menu every week. Mimi's also frequently has fresh Lone Birch Blossoms bouquets for sale during the growing season and for holidays throughout the year. In addition, Mimi's supports a number of locals with locally-authored books, goods, and gifts, making it an easy place to stop in and support many locals in a one-stop-shop!

1st String
Brenda Howland of 1st String is the local, Central Massachusetts source for screen printing, logo design, silk screening, branded products, signs, vehicle graphics, athletic apparel, business apparel, and much more. She is the talent behind my own Lone Birch logo, and the source for signs and apparel for both Lone Birch and Clover Hill Farm. For any and all custom design needs, contact Brenda at 1st String!

Clover Hill Farm & Farm Store
Clover Hill Farm is the home to Lone Birch Blossoms. You'll find plenty of farm-fresh meats and products, flowers and seasonal wreaths for sale at the farm stand. It is also our primary CSA pickup location. The Lone Birch studio is located at the farm in the upper drive. Please see the Lone Birch Blossoms at Clover Hill Farm page on this site for more, or visit the farm website and store.

Mary Ward Writing
Mary provides Search Engine Optimized website and content writing services, social media management and posting, and basic website design services. With a strong background in agriculture and a love of all things local, she specializes in farm and ag and local business writing services. And yes, she wrote and designed this site! Check out her site to see what Mary can do for you and your business or writing project!

Local Partners in Central MA, Business helping business

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