Lone Birch Blossoms

Lone Birch Blossoms

Locally Grown, Arranged With Love

Lone Birch at Clover Hill Farm

Find Lone Birch Blossoms at Hardwick’s Historic Clover Hill Farm

Lone Birch Blossoms is what we at Clover Hill Farm in Hardwick like to call a “daughter” business. Clover Hill Farm is a multi-generational farm in the Gilbertville Village of Hardwick, just out of the town’s center (or just before it if you’re coming up from MA Route 32/Barre Rd and Lower Rd). All of Lone Birch’s local fresh flowers are grown in dedicated fields at Clover Hill Farm, and the two businesses work cooperatively, complimentarily, together.

Come for Your Flowers and Find all That Clover Hill Farm Has to Offer!

You will find the Lone Birch Blossoms workshop on the main farm property located at 1096 Barre Road, Gilbertville, MA. You will also find the Clover Hill Farm Farmstand at this address, and in it, you will find all of the farm’s fresh-frozen meats and products, along with a selected variety of local products produced by partners of Clover Hill Farm. And yes—you will also find fresh-cut seasonal flower bouquets for sale there, too!


Clover Hill Farm grows and sells poultry and meats conscientiously raised here on the farm, fed with grains, hay, and feeds produced exclusively by Clover Hill Farm. It is a level of full-circle, hyper-local meat production and control that few other farms can match. Farm owners Steve and Dana Prouty also work with a local chef who prepares value-added products prepared with Clover Hill Farm meat and poultry. You'll find all of these products—and more—for sale at the Hardwick farm stand. This includes such products as

grab-and-go, heat-and-eat frozen meals like pot pies, pulled pork, soups and stews.

Other farm produce, including farm-fresh cranberries, fresh eggs, and some seasonal vegetables are for sale at the farm stand. In addition, CHF also produces bulk livestock grains and corn for backyard and small to medium-sized farms, small grains for brewing, straw, and hay for horses, cattle, and all types of livestock—it's all for sale here on the main farm!

Please feel free to inquire about CHF offerings, or contact the farmers with questions.

For a more complete list of all that Clover Hill Farm has to offer at the on-site farm stand, and for information about livestock feeds, hay for sale, bulk grain for livestock, and more, please visit the Clover Hill Farm website.

Fresh Flowers and Farm-Fresh Food—the Perfect Partners!

We invite you to make both Lone Birch Blossoms and Clover Hill Farm partners in your quest for local beauty and quality, humanely-raised, reliable meat, poultry, and farm produce. Whether you are coming out to pick up a special order or to pick up your weekly flower CSA, be sure to take a few moments to explore our local farm stand and all that it has to offer. Make CHF a weekly stop not just for your flowers, but for all our high-quality meats raised right!

Lone Birch Blossoms at Clover Hill Farm Farmstand Gilbertville, Hardwick MA

Thank you for your interest in both our local flower farm and in our larger “parent” farm. Contact either farm via our respective websites for all of your local farm product needs, from flowers to food!