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Wedding Flowers

Custom Wedding Flowers for Every Bride, Every Wedding

Every bride, every wedding, is unique. Your wedding flowers should be, too.

As your local wedding florist, I work very hard to create a completely custom experience for you.

Truly, no two wedding flower packages are ever the same at Lone Birch Blossoms.

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Personal in Every Way – Your Day, Your Season, Your Vision, My Specialty

In part this uniqueness is owing to the local growing seasons and the locally-grown flowers that I have on offer during your personal wedding season, or the flowers available to us through my local wholesale flower distributors. In part this is owing to the vision that you bring to me. And in part this is owing to my own personal style that I bring to you.

As you can see, when you combine the variables, you come up with many opportunities to customize the flowers for your very special day. This variation and the cooperation between you, the bride, and me, your bridal florist, is how something special, unique, and reflective of your wedding, your marriage, and your style, is made.

Working together is how we get there.


Beautiful unique flowers and arrangements!
~ Sarah W.
Emily did the bouquets for my wedding, flowers on my cake, guest table flowers, a gorgeous eucalyptus spread on the head table and boutonnières and they were absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! Highly recommend!
~ Emily P.
I received a beautiful arrangement for my birthday. Great work Emily! It’s so important to support local business."
~ Sue R.
Incredible and beautiful work done by an even more incredible and beautiful woman. Support local! She did my wedding flowers from the cake to the decor to my bouquet and I recommend her 100% and will continue to do business and send business.
~ Dev D.
I attended a fall centerpiece workshop with Emily and it was absolutely great! Such a fun evening, SO REASONABLY PRICED, and the best part was a beautiful centerpiece to enjoy at home! (Which lasted weeks, by the way!)
~ Mary W.
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Your Day, Your Vision, Your Wedding Flowers

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You’ll find many examples of my work here online (and I invite you to see more on my social media pages as well). Please consider these as ideas, starting points, of what I can do for you. But please also come with any thoughts that you have in mind, too.

That said, you should also feel free to come with not much of an idea at all—I have plenty of options to offer, and many ideas to help us arrive at just the right style and package for you.

Your wedding day is one among a handful of days that will stand out in your memory, your partner’s memory, and the memories of your guests and family too, for all time.

It should reflect your life and style and the partnership you two are setting off on together. And you should feel confident in bringing that vision to me so that we can work together to achieve just the right wedding flower package to suit that style.


Wedding Arbor

Local Bridal Flowers Are My Specialty!

My first love is creating unique bridal bouquets and complete bridal flower packages using my own locally-grown flowers.

More and more, brides are embracing locally grown florals as a way to reflect the place in which they live while also giving a nod to the environment, and also supporting local agriculture and the local economy. The closer we are to home with our products, the bigger the impact we have on all of those things.

It’s an option that sits very comfortably with many of today’s brides—and grooms, too!

By doing so, not only am I able to offer you a uniquely beautiful local product, but I am also able to offer you a fresher product, picked at its peak just a day or two before your big day.

What’s more, I can provide a more budget-friendly product to keep your wedding flower cost in budget, because much of the expense and overhead of buying wholesale wedding flowers that bear the burden of packaging, shipping, and re-handling, is gone.

In-season locally-grown wedding flowers are abundantly capable of providing you with the look and style you love, the vision you hold in your mind.

Wedding & Bridal Flowers 


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Church Flowers

Outdoor Wedding Florals

Wedding Arbors

Table arrangements

Bridal centerpieces

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Local-grown wedding flowers

Groomsmen florals & boutonnieres

Elegant, unique, personalized bridal flowers

Custom-Designed Wedding Flowers

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Flower Options from Local to Exotic

Not every season is a great season for growing flowers in Massachusetts, though, and so I also work with reputable flower distributors to be able to bring the highest quality and widest variety of flower options to you.

I buy only the freshest florals possible right before your wedding to ensure a vibrant, fresh product.

I use wholesale wedding flower alternatives in two ways:

One, to supplement my own locally-grown flowers and greens to incorporate your favorite, selected types of flowers, and

Two, to offer you more budget-friendly options that achieve your desired look with ease, but that are easier on your budget as well.

The real bottom line is that, used together with my own locally-grown and in-season options, we have more than enough possibilities to work with to create your own unique, personalized bridal package through either local flowers, distributor offerings, or a combination of both.

Prepping wedding flowers

Workable Wedding Flower Options

As a local wedding florist, I work with brides in many, many ways to deliver just what they desire.

For some brides, that is a complete, “sky’s the limit” package. This might include such things as a wedding arbor, table centerpieces, church flowers for the wedding ceremony, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, accent pieces, swags, and more.

For other brides, their need is a single simple, elegant bridal bouquet.

Some weddings are less formal and in fact, bulk-buy flowers for DIY wedding flowers are ideal.

What I’d like you most to know is that I work with all brides and all budgets.

No order is too small. No wedding is too large.

And while there is no such thing as “cheap” wedding flowers (in the sense that all Lone Birch flowers are beautiful and of quality!), your wedding flowers’ cost should be manageable and predictable relative to your personalized package, your style, and your vision.

I invite you to Contact Me today; let’s find the right flowers for your dream of a wedding!

 ~ Please click below to review ordering and policy documents for wedding floral services and special orders:

Wedding and Special Order Flower Information and Policies

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